VIDEO: समुदंर के किनारे फोटोशूट करा रही मॉडल पर सुअर ने बोला हमला, हिप्स पर काटा

With a model on the beach in the Caribbean country of the Bahamas, something happened that she had to leave her own photo shoot in the middle. The model was Michelle Lewis doing photoshoot at Pig Island. During this time some swirls attacked them. During the attack, also cut the hips of the model in a swine. The video of this incident is becoming very viral on social media. This video model is shared by Michelle Lewis himself with his Instagram account. This video has so far seen nearly 70 lakh views on the Instagram.

Model Michelle Lewis Lewis was wearing white bikini and was pose her in a beautiful pig island. This incident happened with them during this time. Michelle Lewis, a 32-year-old fitness model from Venezuela, was making photoshoot in a beautiful pig island in white bikini. During this time some pigs came and cut on the hips of the model. Michelle ran away from the dread, but three four pigs ran away behind them. Hardly, Michelle pursued those pigs. In the video it can be seen that the model is showing hips bite marks on the camera. They are saying in Spanish – ‘I have bitten.

Thousands of people have commented on the video on social media. Pictures of fitness model Michelle Lewis are very much liked. Michelle had put this video on its Instagram account a few days ago. Even now these videos are becoming increasingly viral on social media.

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