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वायरल न्यूज़ ना पीरियड हुए मिस..ना निकला पेट..अचानक दे दिया बच्चे को जन्म..और फिर

Girls Gave An Birth To An Innocent Child Suddenly Medicinal Get Shocked.

When a girl had a headache, she reached the hospital, after four days of her sensation, something had happened with her that she was not quite sure. When the girl got up after living in coma for 4 days, she came to know that she gave birth to a child.

Ebony Stevenson of Oldham’s Greater Manchester did not have any idea that he is pregnant. When Eboni’s health worsened, he reached the hospital, after being admitted to the hospital, he went into coma. When he returned from Coma after 4 days, he came to know that he has born a daughter.

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The college student is studying Ebony Sports Physiotherapy. Eboni did not have baby bump, nor did any of the morning sicknesses, even their periods did not disappear. For these reasons, Eboni did not at all doubt that a child is in his stomach. Later it was discovered that Eboni Uteras is suffering from a medical condition called Diedelfis. In which one of the two embryos is hidden in Uterus, one female out of 3000 women is affected by this condition. Women suffering from this condition have two Uteras from birth.

In the case of Eboni, there was a fallopian tube to keep the egg in only one eutterus while not in the other. That is, the possibilities of pregnancy were low. Eboni reached Greater Manchester’s Royal Oldham Hospital where he was unconscious, doctors tested and found that Eboni Uteros is suffering from Didelphis and he is pregnant.

The doctors immediately informed her mother and said that the child needs to be delivered soon. Eboni’s Emergency Caesarean delivery was done. He gave birth to a baby girl, but went to Eboni Coma. When 4 days later, Eboni woke up and found that she had suddenly become the mother of a girl.

Doctors say that because of the poor weight of the baby, Ebony kept the baby in the womb for 9 months and did not even realize it at all. Euteri had a Uteros on the back, so that its pregnancy could not be taken care of. Doctors told that Eboni is not less than a miracle baby because women affected by this condition have to be stabbed or struggled in full term pregnancy.

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